Wall Construction : Dry Stone Walls are part of this  country's heritage and we are proud to carry on that tradition. We offer our services to create a feature that will enhance any property.                                                                                                    

Wall Rebuild : Do you have a Wall in disrepair? Rebuilding utilising the existing stone could be a cost effective solution.                                                                                        

Wall Repair : Many of  the enquires we respond to are from those who have had someone unintentionally or maliciously damage their wall. We can come along and fix it for you.                                                                                                                     

Retaining Wall : Do you have a sloping garden that you want to be made more usable? A retaining wall could make your garden a space to enjoy to its maximum potential.


Gabion Wall : Using Gabion Baskets we can create an  impressive domestic or commercial retaining wall that  will last decades.

 Brick Wall: Are you wanting a brick wall, gate archway or some feature? being qualified bricklayers we are able to build what you need.






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